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In North Berwick we like to think we have a special micro-climate. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the maritime location that we enjoy.

So, for example, it can often be raining a mile away and dry on the beach here. Or there might be a heavy frost in Edinburgh, when it is frost-free in North Berwick.

If you look down below at the climate facts I have unearthed, they do seem to bear out the micro-climate theory.

In any case, I do think that on the whole, we generally do get better weather in North Berwick that in the surrounding areas.

However, I use the word generally in the previous sentence deliberately. Occasionally we have a sea mist (known locally as a ‘haar’). When that happens and it is sunny inland, the temperature can often be several degrees lower beneath the mist compared to the surround areas.

Current North Berwick weather

Anyway, enough of general climate, below you can find some detailed information on what is happening right now with the weather in North Berwick. You can also see the forecast for the next couple of days.

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Sea Temperature


North Berwick weather and climate facts

As it is situated on the east coast of the UK, North Berwick is drier, sunnier and warmer than the the UK average, as these figures from the Met Office show:

  • The average annual rainfall in North Berwick is 630 mm. For the UK, the average is 1154mm.
  • The average annual hours of sunshine in North Berwick is 1,451. For the UK, the average is 1372.
  • Average daily maximum temperature in North Berwick is 12.5C. For the UK, the average is 12.4.
  • Average daily minimum temperature in North Berwick is 6.2C. For the UK, the average is 5.3.
  • Average annual number of days of frost in North Berwick is 29. For the UK, the average is 54.
North Berwick Weather
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