Images of North Berwick Landscapes

North Berwick is famous for its beaches and coastline, for its golf courses, for Bass Rock and for North Berwick Law. But with all of these features, it is easy to forget that North Berwick is surrounded by the beautiful countryside and coastal grasslands of East Lothian. These landscapes are the setting for some wonderful … Read more

Images of North Berwick Beachscapes

Beaches of East Lothian

North Berwick and the surrounding coastline of East Lothian is blessed with beautiful beaches. Mostly they are fringed by grasslands, woods and golf courses. So there is an expansive and varied beauty to the beachscapes. We get big skies, interesting cloud formations and ever changing light, shimmering through the grasses and glinting off the water. … Read more

Sunset light – North Berwick

sunset light

One of the wonderful features of the vastness of the Firth of Forth at North Berwick is the ever changing light.

And it is the beauty of the light that makes this part of the coast particularly attractive for artists and photographers – even amateur photographers like me who are usually carrying nothing more advanced than a smartphone.

These pictures give a great indication of what I mean. They show the sweeping cloud formations, tinged with fading sunset light glowing behind a cloud bank over the island of Fidra.

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